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because I want you to know every tiny, insignificant detail of my life.

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netsirk is back
netsirk is the best
netsirk is awesome
netsirk is still missing
netsirk is the coolest ever
netsirk is not a runaway
netsirk is the one who dies
netsirk is a rambunctious child
netsirk is standing in front of lock #17
netsirk is a sponsored rock and ice climber
netsirk is a vintage blend of island heritage
netsirk is clearly still in the early days of her career
netsirk is capable of getting us into all kinds of trouble
netsirk is placing 'pro' in the rock to create a multipoint anchor
netsirk is enjoying the updated program that has just been released
netsirk is not the kind and loving woman everyone thinks she is
netsirk is a south beach artist who paints cartoon characters for a living
netsirk is a familiar face to people driving their cars or riding the city buses
netsirk is a tremendous defender who brings a great deal of versatility to the game
netsirk is inspired by daytime soap operas and goldfish in aquariums
netsirk is a member of the national association of holistic aromatherapy
netsirk is educating the world that disabilities don't get in the way
netsirk is mature beyond her years both in talent and demeanor
netsirk is a songwriter in the most classic sense of the word
netsirk is always undressing by the end of her poems
netsirk is slightly insane and tends to be evil
netsirk is a political science and english student
netsirk is an undergraduate college student
netsirk is returning to the simulator
netsirk is a wonderful student
netsirk is the cat's meow
netsirk is definitely sweet
netsirk is still a bit odd
netsirk is a bus driver
netsirk is a bug
netsirk is cool

(many of the abovelisted statements are blatantly false. a fair number, however, are true.)
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